Solar Renewable Energy Incentives

Phoenix Solar Rebates & Energy Tax Credits

$500 Solar Energy Rebate

Utility rebates and solar tax credits can cover up to 85% of conversion costs. Take advantage of
0 Down/0 Interest/0 Payments for 1 Year
financing and our licensed installers can install your solar water heater in ONE DAY so you can start saving on utility bills immediately.

  • We provide and help complete all the forms and paperwork.
  • Federal Energy Tax Credits:
    The Federal solar tax credit is not a deduction from your income, it's a dollar for dollar credit against whatever you owe in Federal taxes.
    Residential: 30% personal tax credit up to $2000
    Businesses: 30% corporate federal solar tax credit
  • State Solar Tax Credits:
    Residential: 25% personal tax credit up to $1000
    Businesses: 10% installed cost up to $50,000
  • AZ Sales Tax Exemption:
    Residential & commercial solar water heater systems are exempt from Arizona Sales Tax
  • solar energy costs savings
  • SRP Energy Rebates:
    Utility rebates are not a loan or a tax credit, you actually receive a check from your state or utility company. The money is yours to spend as you choose.
    SRP Rebate Program Overview
  • Reduce Monthly Energy Costs:
    Save $300 to $500 off your utility bills every year
  • Protect Yourself Against Utility Increases:
    - SRP has raised rates 11 times since 2002
    - APS rate requests were up 17.8% in 2007
  • Increase Your Home's Value and Marketability
  • Lower Your Operational Costs (free energy from the sun)
  • Decrease Your Maintenance Costs:
    Long lifespan (30+ years) due to fewer moving parts and no corrosion
  • Save up to 85% of Conversion Costs:
    Combine energy incentives, utility rebates and tax credits

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